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Libratel Inc. believes in a hassle-free warranty procedure for customers, providing a minimum of 1-year warranty on our products.

To claim for the 1 year, 2 years and limited lifetime warranty, please contact our customer support team at with the following information in order to determine the most appropriate solution:

      - Proof of purchase

      - Proof of the faulty product (photo/video)

Our warranty claim is applicable only after the product has exceeded the return/exchange policy date of the store, where the product was purchased.

Warranty policy for Tempered Glass

All tempered glasses come with 1-year warranty, with up to 4 replacements. A request for replacement will qualify if the tempered glass has chipped, shattered, cracked, or has loss of adhesive under regular use.

Our warranty does not cover for any damage to the device.

Warranty policy for charging cables

All cables come with 2 years manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers:

      - Fraying of the knitted cable

     - Cable stops charging

     - Damaged connectors

The Warranty covers all functional aspects of the charging cables under normal use.


Warranty policy for charging solutions (car chargers, wall chargers, wireless chargers & power banks)

All products under charging solutions come with 1/2 years manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of the product. Any problem caused by abuse, misuse, exposure to excessive heat, liquids, or other contaminants is not covered.

Depending upon the replacement claim/ defect reported, the customer might have to mail the product to us upon request.

Warranty policy for phone cases

The manufacturer warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use of the product. The warranty policy excludes normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse or modification of the product.

Please Note

     - Your warranty period starts from the date of purchase.

     - Damaged products due to accidental drops/misuse and improper installation of tempered glass is not covered under our warranty policy. We do not provide refund for any products.

     - The warranty does not cover the replacement of lost or stolen products.

     - Should a dispute between Libratel Inc. and the customer arise regarding our replacement policies, the final decision is at the discretion of Libratel Inc.